The Dog Ate My Prozac


(working title)

Women’s Fiction

Twenty-six-year-old Juliet Stringer has it all: with her husband Scott, their dog Goober and her job as a capable research editor, her life is comfortable, happy and predictable.

So when Scott accepts a job in a new town, Juliet cringes behind her smile and follows his ‘adventurous’ spirit to a new home for the sake of their first baby, about to be born. Optimistic in the face of change, she begins to dream of the perfect family life their threesome will share. Until Josh turns out to be a colicky, crying baby that doesn’t sleep. Ever. 

Now jobless, sleep-deprived and alone, Juliet suddenly feels the unfamiliar sensation of her life coming apart.

Not long after the dog eats her Prozac and she has to make him throw up to save his life, Juliet’s father-in-law moves in while her mother-in-law “finds herself.” Juliet quickly realizes she’d better get help soon or she will lose the only thing she has left: her sanity.

Seeking answers, and a better relationship with her baby, she joins a New Mothers Group at her local community center. But what she finds is a group of women who change her perspective, her long-held understanding of who she is, and teach her the true meaning of family, love and second chances.

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