Portrait of Lise


Portrait of Lise by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Historical Fiction

Paris, 1865

Seventeen-year-old Lise Tréhot lives in the shadow of her older, prettier sister Clémence. When Clémence’s beau, Jules introduces Lise to his friend, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Lise begins modeling for the unknown painter. As the four socialize together in Paris and Marlotte, Lise comes out of her shell in the warmth of Auguste’s flattery and charm. Before long, their professional relationship turns intimate.

But when the bohemian life of her seductive lover threatens to ruin not only her reputation, but also the possibility of the traditional family life she longs for, Lise is forced to make sacrifices and choices that will change her life forever.

Set against the rich backdrop of Paris during the Haussmann restoration and the birth of Impressionism, Portrait of Lise explores the heart-breaking relationship and bitter breakup of the Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir and his young model for the first time.

Through the lenses of class, gender, societal boundaries and war, the story examines the power of family, friendship and love.


Represented by Ann Leslie Tuttle at Dystel, Goderich and Bourret.

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