Let’s Go to the Videotape!

Admittedly, some of my readers may not understand that reference or know who was famous for saying it (you can ask Google). But after friends joined me in celebrating at a Preview Poetry Party this week for my forthcoming chapbook, Undressing the Heart, I knew I’d want to share the replay far and wide.

Even if you don’t read poetry, even if you don’t know who I am, if you’re like many people I know–exhausted by the news cycle, tired of election updates, dismayed by COVID reports and just ready for this year to be over already–I suggest you check it out. It was a great escape for me and the attendees. I read some poems, answered questions about writing poetry, what I love about it, and what inspires me. We talked about humanity, universal emotions and what we all share. We connected, and we smiled. A lot.

It was an evening event full of love, community and support, something we could all use right now. For those who celebrated with me, THANK YOU for a wonderful evening. For those who couldn’t make it, be well, stay strong, and enjoy the replay.

Oh, and know that the Holiday Promotion mentioned in the recording will remain in effect until Friday, November 6.

Sending love, from my heart to yours.

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