Charting A Course

chartacourseAll summer long, my sights have been set on August. That was when my firstborn would be heading off to college, so getting him ready (and myself emotionally prepared) for the trip, the move, the change was a large part of my summer. After writing, that is. August arrived.

Week 1: Finished filling out required college forms, shopped like a madwoman for bins, gadgets and other last minute necessities for big bird about to fly the coop. Also entered #PitchWars for the first time with a manuscript I’ve loved since I first conceived of it. Promptly forgot about #PitchWars.

Week 2: Toted big bird to various appointment to get all necessary teeth, eye and medical checkups in before school year began. Also tended to little bird, home with a cold and fever.

Week 3: Hauled big bird and all his stuff to school, got him settled, drove home and promptly caught little bird’s cold and fever. Lost my voice. Also got notified that I was picked by my number one mentor choice in #PitchWars. Was certain it was sickness-fueled delusion.

Here we are in Week 4. I was in fact picked by the wonderful Jenni L. Walsh to be mentored, and I’ve already got some notes from her about my manuscript. Unfortunately, I’ve also got half a brain (thanks, congestion) and no revision plan to speak of. I’m dead on my feet, and when I do have any energy, it vacillates between exhilaration at being picked, and panic at having no idea how to proceed.

I’ve learned that this is where the beauty of the #PitchWars community really shines through. There’s a special Facebook group, supportive Tweets and blog posts to help me and all the other mentees in addition to the help we’re getting from our mentors. 


The panic is starting to ebb.

When I come out of this germ-induced fog, I’m probably going to fully come to grips with the fact that my baby is gone to college. I’ll have a good cry about it and send him a bunch of mushy texts. I’ll take the rest of that journey a day at a time.

Then I’m gonna pour myself some Prosecco, do a little happy dance about Pitch Wars and get down to work. I might not have a plan yet, but in addition to  my mentor, I’ve now got a whole tribe of folks rooting me on and offering assistance. And I know that with their help, I’ve got this.

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