Ignorance is Bliss


Like most writers, when I first started submitting my work, I didn’t have a clue what I was up against. Rather than depress myself by reading stats about rejections, what editors don’t want to see and mistakes that expose you as a newbie, I chose instead to wade through my enormous copy of Writer’s Marketplace, giggling at the plethora of opportunities.

Only in retrospect do I realize how my ignorance is what kept me in dogged pursuit of my goal.

I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. The upside is that every letter (yes, I’m old enough to have queried by paper mail) that I received from an editor had encouragement, suggestions and thanks. Those small steps bolstered my confidence and were encouragement enough to keep going.

Now fifteen years on, I’ve had successes and failures in both the editing and publishing worlds, though likely no more or less than any other writer. But I also have the experience I gained on the journey. Today, I know how hard it is to get published. But because I kept going all those years despite setbacks, it’s now my experience that bolsters me to keep trying. What motivates you on your journey?

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